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4009849 - Amazon S3

Antibiotic Resistance P.Naina Mohamed Pharmacologist Introduction Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is the ability of microorganisms that cause disease to withstand attack by

antimicrobial medicines. The ability of pathogens that works against the antibiotics, is termed Antibiotic Resistance. Antimicrobials like antibiotics, antivirals, and others are losing their effectiveness because of antimicrobial resistance. Up to half of antibiotic prescriptions is unnecessary or inappropriate. If patients have a sore throat, the physician should take a throat culture test. If the test results indicate that a bacterial infection is present, then antibiotics should be prescribed to treat the infection. There is no sure way of knowing whether a cold or sickness is a bacterial infection without a test. Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance Antibiotic

Year Deployed Resistance Observed Sulphonamides 1930s 1940s Penicillin 1943

1946 Streptomycin 1943 1959 Chloramphenicol 1947 1959 Tetracycline

1948 1953 Erythromycin 1952 1988 Vancomycin 1956 1988

Methicillin 1960 1961 Ampicillin 1961 1973 Cephalosporins 1960s

Late 1960s Common causes 1. Overuse Physicians Incorrect diagnosis and Prescribing Antibiotics for Viral (Seasonal Flu) infections, 2 or more antibiotics together, unnecessary long courses of antibiotics Kills Resident Bacterias (Normal flora) Some are survived Antibiotic resistant genes Passing of these genes to Pathogenic bacterias Antibiotic resistance Common causes 2. Misuse

Patients Not finishing full course of antibiotics Misuse Leaving 1 or 2 doses Some bacteria not killed Resistance developed for future antibiotic treatment Common causes 3. OTC antibiotics Antibiotics Available as OTC medicines Inappropriate use Overuse or Misuse Antibiotic resistance Common causes

4. Healthcare Workers Hospital Healthcare Workers Not following infection control protocols Resistance transferred by bacteria swapping genes Common causes 5. Hospitalized Patients Hospital Patients with compromised health Exposed to Pathogenic organisms Increased usage of different antibiotics Rapid development of Resistance Common causes 6. Animal Feed

Animal feed Mixed with antibiotics to prevent infections and to promote growth Resistant organisms in animals Spread to Human Interesting, right? This is just a sneak preview of the full presentation. We hope you like it! To see the rest of it, just click here to view it in full on PowerShow.com. Then, if youd like, you can also log in to PowerShow.com to download the entire presentation for free.

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