2nd Q, wk. #3 Reg

2nd Q, wk. #3 Reg

2 nd Q, wk. #3 Reg Oct. 28-Nov. 1, 2019 Bellringer, 10/28 Number from 1-4 and write the word in parentheses that should be used in each sentence below. 1. He came this morning, but he had (did, done) his work already.

2. She (dont, doesnt) always listen to me. 3. The coach (insist, insists) that I do ten belly flops. 4. It had (began, begun) to snow by 4:00 P.M. Be sure to turn in last weeks bellringer form if you were absent on Wed. If not turned in this week, it will not be stamped. Activity, 10/28 Look at comments on Day 1 and 2 of Persuasive Presentation Formative Complete Day 3 of Persuasive Presentation formative; turn in at end of period today for grading (no late work accepted)

Reminder: Summative presentation and final written script on Thurs., Oct 31st Bellringer, 11/29 Reg. Rewrite the sentence, making it parallel in structure: A writing class helps you in your thinking, organizing, and you begin to see the other persons point of view. Activity, 10/29

Today (Day 4) of your formative assignments) you will: Look over what you have written so far and: --HIGHLIGHT in three different colors the logos, ethos, and pathos appeals in your script (please let me know which color is which) --UNDERLINE and LABEL any rhetorical devices you have in your script (use powerpoint to help you identify them) TURN IN THIS IN BY THE END OF THE PERIOD (If you have time left over, you might want to begin rewriting your final script. Feel free to add any appeals and rhetorical devices you might be missing so that your presentation is more convincing.)

Bellringer, 10/30 Write vote on your bellringer form, and complete the blue ballot given you. I will collect them 2 min. after the bell. Activity, 10/30: Day 5 Revise and rewrite the final script for your presentation Make sure you:

Include all 4 parts (including a statement of declaration for independence) Include persuasive rhetoric and all 3 types of appeals (one-fourth of grade) Correct all spelling/grammar mistakes (PROOFREAD!!!) Know who will present what tomorrow: style (subject and techniques) are one-fourth of your grade Instead of turning it in today, you will turn it in tomorrow after your presentation. However, if I dont see you all engaged in working on the final script, you will have to turn it in today. You MUST turn in all papers from the week together with your final copy.

Bellringer, 10/31 Rewrite the following sentence, making it grammatically correct. i think brian could of broke the schools record but he fouled out 6 minutes into the last quarter Bellringer, 11/7 Answer I think Brian could of have broken

the schools record, but he fouled out 6 six minutes into the last quarter. Activity, 10/31: Presentations and Voting on presentations When each group presents, rate their performance on your score card. After presenting, each group staples the final copy to the original assignment sheet, and then staple all of that on top of your formative work on the presentation

GROUP FORMATIVE ON PERSUASIVE SUMMATIVE: English III: Persuasive Presentation Summative (Oct. 22-28, 2019) Assignment: Your group will make a persuasive presentation to the class designed to convince us to grant independence or rights to a group or individual we are familiar with (whether human, animal, or fiction). Your presentation must include a written script/speech that contains the following: _____A statement of declaration (for independence or specific rights) _____All types of appeals: logos, ethos, and pathos _____Persuasive rhetoric (see Rhetoric Powerpoint for ideas) Feel free to borrow some phrasing and structure from the Declaration of Independence.

The class will vote on the most convincing presentation. Your presentation will be graded based on the following: I. Level of Focus, Achievement of Purpose, and Organization of ideas Each day you will decide and complete a portion of this paper to be turned in for credit. This grade will formatively assess your progress toward success on your final summative project. I. Day 1 Decide on your topic and write it here: We will be declaring independence for _____________________ from __________________________________.

Our presentation will consist of: Bellringer, 11/1 Rewrite the following sentence, making it grammatically correct: i loved the movie titanic especially the part were rose acts like shes flying Prizes! 1st place: one from each container

2nd place: one from each basket 3rd place: three from the wide basket Argumentation: Claim: thesis; side of the argument you are taking Counterclaim(s): other side of the argument Reasons: Reasons why you support the side of the argument you are taking (should be the topic sentences of most of your body paragraphs) Introduction paragraph: First paragraphshould introduce the topic being argued and then state the side of the argument you are taking (thesis) Conclusion Paragraph: Last paragraphsums up main points and adds a last

comment about the topic Evidence: Specific facts and quotes from the texts that support each reason Source Reference: Place where evidence came from (usually author or publication title)

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