1999 - 2000 Program of Studies Orientation

1999 - 2000 Program of Studies Orientation

Hunterdon Central Regional High School 8th Grade Program of Studies & Freshman Course Selection Orientation Your High School Experience! Your 4-Year academic experience is a journey. Make sure you think about your destination and work backwards. Use the Program of Studies online as a

guide. http://www.hcrhs.k12.nj.us/academics/program- of-studies/index.aspx Minimum Requirements for Graduation Take the 8th Grade NJASK8 seriously! Placement in 9th grade Your ultimate goal

See online program of studies for High School Graduation Requirements. Scheduling Guidelines Take the most challenging course load that you can handle without creating too much stress. Trust your teachers recommendations Balance your life- academically, socially, emotionally Check Prerequisites, Grade Level and pay attention to Recommendations listed in

course descriptions. (Shown on next slide) Refer to quick link on HCRHS website labeled Freshman Electives. Example More Scheduling Guidelines An important guide for your initial course selections is the Teacher Recommendation Form.

If you have concerns about the recommended placement, talk with your teacher and parents. Parents can override a recommendation but please think carefully about what is right for you. Choose wisely. If you override, move up a level, and are struggling please note that you may not be able to move back down. Level changes depend on the number of open seats. Please note that students selecting a Math, Science, English or Social Studies honors course will be required to take a departmental placement test this spring. Please note that summer work is a requirement for all Honors and

AP courses Teacher Recommendation Form Course Course Name # 011 Honors English I 012 English I 014 Freshman

Humanities S019 English I Mid Year Override Recommendat (Parent ion Initial) (Teacher Initial) If recommended for 012 you may choose 014

If choosing 014 rather than 012 initial here Scheduling Guidelines Health & Physical Education are scheduled automatically. You must select Alternates for each elective choice. Electives are courses you can choose once you have fulfilled your requirements for that year.

Remember, every course you take and every final grade you receive will be on your permanent record (transcript). Course # Electives and Alternates (In Order of Preference) Course Name # of credits Alt. Course

# Alternate Course Name # of credit s I will participate in Marching Band for Credit ASPEN At HCRHS important information can be accessed by students and their parents/guardians - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ASPEN can be used for: online class scheduling to view schedule interim report/report cards (these are no longer mailed) graduation requirements student transcript student progress/ grades Access to ASPEN is private and password protected - a

unique log-in name and password will be assigned to each student. The password assigned is confidential; it should not be shared. Scheduling with ASPEN Beginning on February 11th, course requests can be entered using ASPEN. For current 8th grade students, HCRHS online course selection will be open between 8:00 a.m. February 25th and 11:59 p.m. March 1st.

You must complete your course selections online within this time frame. ASPEN can be accessed at: https://nj-hcrhs.myfollett.com/aspen/home.do To access ASPEN via Hunterdon Central's website - click on quicklinks in the top right hand corner and then click on ASPEN. ASPEN Logins In order to access ASPEN, you will receive an exclusive User Name and Password. KEEP IT

SECURE!!!! You will be receiving ASPEN user name and instructions at the end of January. They will be mailed home. Selecting Courses It makes no difference if you select courses first or last during the 2/25 to 3/1 time frame. However, if you fail to input courses during this time frame, you will be assigned a lower scheduling priority. This will affect your ability to enroll in courses that you want. Freshman Only! When selecting some courses such as

332- Algebra 2 221- French 2 222 Spanish 2 Remember to select the Grade 9 option! *Only schedule these more rigorous courses if you have been recommended to do so! Athletics At the end of the course listing, please find a list of Hunterdon Central sports identified with the prefix XTR. Please check off any sports that you may be interested in participating in. This information will be provided to our coaches. Alternate Credit Information

Students have the option to take courses outside of HCRHS for high school credit. Online course, RVCC, Other college coursework Courses must be approved prior to registering for the course. If you are considering Outside Course Work this summer, please read the Alternate Credit Information on the Counseling website: http://www.hcrhs.k12.nj.us/campus-life/counseling/index.aspx

Applications must be received at the H.S. prior to May 15. Grade Scale Typical Freshman Schedule (40 credits) ENGLISH 5 Credits PHYS ED/ HEALTH 5 Credits US HISTORY I 5 Credits

MATHEMATICS 5/7.5 Credits SCIENCE 5 Credits WORLD LANGUAGE 5 Credits ELECTIVES 7.5/10 credits

Students selecting Marching Band may have 42.5 total credits Typical Block Schedule SEMESTER ONE SEMESTER TWO Quarter 1 (Sept.- Nov.) Quarter 2 (Nov.- Jan.) Quarter 3 (Jan.- Apr.)

Quarter 4 (Apr.- June) Block 1 Math Math US History I US History I Block 2 Phys Ed Phys Ed

World Language World Language Block 3 English English Science Science Block 4

Art I* Art I* Interior Design* Computer Applications * * = Sample electives Questions and comments

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