10/30/14 - Edl

10/30/14 - Edl

10/30/14 Discussion Questions 1. What things can cause a mutation to occur? 2. Are all mutations bad? Why or why not? 3. If a mother gets skin cancer, can she pass it on to her children? Why or why not?

Reminders Eaves Second Period students, do not purchase a ticket for the play during school TOMORROW. You MUST be in class. Root Quiz Monday, 11-3-14..STUDY!!! Exam on Tuesday, 11-4-14. Read chapter 9, study your ppts and notesSTUDY!!! Rough Draft of your Research plan is PAST due. The final, formal typed research plan (worth a double minor grade)

will be due on 11/7/14 Start your science fair experiment Start working on your Science Fair Laboratory Composition Notebook. Follow the instructions in your Science Fair packet carefully. It tells you exactly what to do and how to do it. (Page 8) QUIZ

Clear your desks of everything Do NOT write on the quiz please Use CAPITAL letters please Keep your answers covered If you need to make up a quiz due to an absence come see me Tues or Thurs during PLC Flip it over when you are finished and hang on to it 9 week exam question 7

9 week exam question 8 Todays Objective: Objective: To learn about the M phase in eukaryotic organisms specifically division of the nucleus (Mitosis) and cytoplasm (cytokinesis)

Cells Alive Computer Activity Mitosis Internet Lesson (put in your journal when you finish): http://www.cellsalive.com/ Do the DNA Fingerprint lab from Tues: http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/lab s/gel/

AGENDA only if time remains: Working with your group at your lab table: 1. Work on your Cell Cycle Foldable 2. Complete the DNA Gel Electrophoresis (website on table) 3. Watch the YouTube video (website on table) 4. Complete the Cells Alive MitosisTutorial 5. Complete the CSI Certification Activity 6. Complete any remaining sheets from last week: Cell Cycle and Chromosome Number Sheet

Cell Cycle Power Point Notes Sheet DNA Notes Sheet DNA Extraction Student Answer Sheet (use the class set of the DNA Extraction Lab handouts on your table to get your answers). ***Everything goes in your journal.completed! Cell Cycle Foldable from Wed 10-29

You need 2 sheets of one color You need one sheet of a different color You will use your power point notes to create a foldable similar to mine. Place your foldable in your science journal (it will be included in your journal grade) Exit Ticket

1. Please name and describe the four stages of mitosis. 2. Please describe cytokinesis. 3. Give an example of a somatic cell. YouTube hand movements YouTube Mitosis Exit Ticket

1. Describe the base pairing rules. 2. Compare and contrast purines and pyrimidines. 3. How do you think DNA replicates itself. YouTube DNA Replication YouTube Crash Course Mitosis Exit Ticket 1. Please describe the cell cycle phases and substages.

2. When does DNA Replication occur? YouTube Crash Course Mitosis

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