Live life without limitsIt’s all about confidence. The feeling that whatever you want to do, wherever you want to go,you can count on the Navara to take you there. So get ready to take it to the next level, andmake every day an adventure, with capability that opens up a whole new world for you toexplore. The Navara is loaded with the tech you need, so you’re ready to shift into available4x4 and cruise rolling dunes or climb up rocky terrain with unmatched capability. Do it allwith big, bold style. The Nissan Navara. Geared to excite. Pure, authentic, and readyfor whatever comes next.

I N T E L L I G E N T A R O U N D V I E W M O N I T O R * It’s a tight squeeze, but you’llget through without a scratchThe path is so tight, you hold your breath going through. But you know you’ll make it,with the Navara's advanced tech on your side. Wheel-scraping boulders? Severe drop-offs?Not to worry. Four cameras give you a 360-degree overhead view of obstacles. Think of itas your own high-tech spotter on board.Off-road - On rough terrain, the Intelligent Around ViewMonitor* becomes your personal spotter. With a designated off-road mode , at slow speeds in 4 LO it gives you a clear †view of the surrounding terrain, so you can see exactlywhere to place your front wheels.Trailer Hook-up Having a 360-degree view* comes in especially handy when connecting to a trailer to helpyou place your Navara perfectly. It is also great whennegotiating a tight parking spot.Display screens from overseas model shown.*Not available on SL. Driver’s aid only, not a substitute for safe driving. Always monitor your surroundings. † ST, ST-X & PRO-4X 4WD models only.

SAFETY AND DRIVER ASSIST TECHWherever you go,bring a wingmanJust because you don’t see them, doesn’t mean they’re not there.A car in your in blind spot, a pedestrian stepping of f the curb.Someone zipping by as you’re backing out of a crowded parking lot.But you can relax, because whatever comes your way, you’ve got awingman on your side.Intelligent Emergency BrakingIntelligent Blind Spot Intervention*Intelligent Lane Intervention*Intelligent Forward Collision WarningHelp if you need it. It monitors your speedChange lanes with confidence. This featureStay between the lines. When lane markingsNavara is on the lookout when you can’tand distance between you and the carkeeps an eye on the blind spot area andare clear, Intelligent Lane Intervention cansee what’s going on up there. Watchingahead and can let you know if you needgives you a heads-up if it detects a vehicledetect if you’re straying out of your lanetwo vehicles ahead, when it detectsto slow down. It can also automaticallyhiding there. If you begin to change lanes,and can tap the brakes to help gently guidesudden deceleration in front of you,engage the brakes to help avoid athe system alerts you, and can applyyou gives you a warning to slow down.collision or lessen the severity of an impact.braking to help return your Navara to its original lane. Rear Cross Traffic Alert *Intelligent Driver AlertFear no parking lot. When you’re backingMonitors your driving patterns andout of your space, Rear Cross Traffic Alertsteering behaviour to detect changeswatches around the rear of your Navarafrom normal patterns. If inattention isand can warn you about cars it detectsobserved, audible and visual alertscreeping up on you from either side.are presented. * Not available on SL. Driver’s aid only, not a substitute for safe driving. Always monitor your surroundings.

OFF-ROAD TECHClimb, crawl, conquer,and never turn backYou’ve picked a climb so remote, it isn’t even on the map. Now you needadvanced tech to make it your own. Slippery stuff? You’ll push throughlike a pro with the Electronic Locking Rear Differential* engaged on 4WD†models. Heavy-duty ruts and bumps? You’re in complete control as theNavara's long-travel off-road suspension soaks up the big stuff and givesyou a smooth ride. So when you’re faced with challenging terrain, noworries – with the Navara, it’s your playground.Hill Descent Control* Helps make going down†steep grades more manageable by automaticallyadjusting your speed and brake pressure to helpkeep you going at a controlled speed.Hill Start Assist When you’re on a steep incline,†hill start assist helps stop you from rollingbackwards for a period of 2 seconds, allowingthe driver to release the brake and accelerate.*4WD models only. †Driver’s aid only, not a substitute for safe driving. Always monitor your surroundings.

A DVA NCED TECH W ITH TR A IL ER S WAY CO NTRO LEscape the city – and get awayto somewhere special3,500When you can bring what you want, where you want, it opens up a whole new world ofadventure. Campsite off the beaten path? Easy. The Navara is ready with advanced techand massive strength, including a fully boxed frame, strengthened rear axle and upgradedbrakes for all Dual Cab models engineered for towing. Big trailer? No sweat. And with trailersway control giving you a smooth, straight ride you might even forget you’ve got yourhome-away-from-home in tow.KG1TONNEMaximum brakedPayload across thetowing capacityDual Cab range *†Towing capacity is subject to towbar/towball capacity and is based on the fitment of a Genuine Nissan towbar. Towing capacity figure described is a maximum figure. Actualtowing capacity depends on the laden mass of the vehicle, driving conditions, fitment of any accessories or towing equipment limitations including the maximum towballdownload. The maximum towball download for this vehicle is 350kg. *Payload is the GVM minus the Kerb mass. The kerb mass does not include passengers, luggage, cargo, anyaccessories fitted or any towball download (as appropriate). Payload is distributed across both the front and rear axles, never exceed the GVM or the axle limits. Driver’s aid only,not a substitute for safe driving. Always monitor your surroundings.†

F U L LY B O X E D , F U L LY C A PA B L ENever bend in the face of adventureGet axle-deep in fun. The Navara’s toughness means confidence you can feel.So go ahead and challenge yourself. Cruise the dunes, crawl over boulders –even ford a stream. With a combination of strength and skill that comesfrom decades of building authentic off-road utes, the Navara will takeyou wherever you want to play.Fully Boxed Frame Unlike some three-sidedframes, a fully boxed ladder frame won’t twistover uneven terrain. This means more strength,and ultimately, more capability.5-Link Rear Suspension* the Navara's 5-link rearsuspension helps give a smoother ride, even insevere conditions. It also provides a morecomfortable ride for those in back.Ground Clearance With generous groundclearance and superior approach and departureangles, the Navara is adept at fording ravines,and climbing seriously rocky terrain.*Available on Dual Cab Pickup models only

TWO POWERFUL ENGINESEmbrace the awesome uphill battlesThe challenge ahead is measured in vertical ascent insteadof kilometers. And that’s the beauty of it. The Navara hasthe power and torque you need to go where you want,when you want. Aim high, and start climbing.2.3-LIntercooled Twin Turbo DieselEfficiency and torque in one capable package.With a two-stage turbocharger and an optionalquick-shifting 7-speed automatic transmission,you’ve got the power you need to tow and haul.ST-X Dual Cab model shownFUEL TYPEDIESELFUEL ECONOMYFROM 7.2L / 100KMSPOWER140KW @ 3,750RPMTORQUE450NM @ 1,500 - 2,000RPMMAXIMUM TOWING3,500 KG †2.3-LFUEL TYPEDIESELFUEL ECONOMY7.2L/100KMS*Legendary power and reliability. Hooked up to a 6-speedPOWER120kW @ 3,750rpmmanual transmission, you have the efficiency you want,TORQUE403Nm @ 1,500 - 2,500rpmand the responsiveness and control that you need.MAXIMUM TOWING3,500 KG Single Turbo Diesel *Figures tested in accordance with ADR81/02 (combined test). Figures stated for the purposes of comparison amongst vehicles only. It is unlikely that this fuel consumption figure will beachieved in real world driving conditions. Actual fuel consumption & CO2 emissions depends on factors such as traffic conditions, vehicle condition, how you drive and any accessories fitted.*Only available on Single Cab Chassis 2WD MT SL and Dual Cab Pickup 2WD MT SL . Towing capacity is subject to towbar/towball capacity and is based on the fitment of a Genuine Nissantowbar. Towing capacity figure described is a maximum figure. Actual towing capacity depends on the laden mass of the vehicle, driving conditions, fitment of any accessories or towingequipment limitations including the maximum towball download. The maximum towball download for this vehicle is 350kg.†

U T I L I -T R A C K C H A N N E L S Y S T E M †Squeeze the most out of every dayWhen you can bring all the toys, you can have an extraordinary day. Get upbefore the sun, load up your toys, grab a big coffee, and find that secret spotyou can only reach with a real ute – the Navara is up for it. Mountain bikingafter that? Rock climbing? No problem – you’ve got easy access and a big bedto bring what you need, and Utili-track† to make sure your gear’s locked downand secure. And with the available tubliner§ protecting your Navara, you’llprotect your loadspace area for many extraordinary adventures to come.Utili-track Channel System† Ideal for securingyour cargo, this innovative system consists oftwo channels – two running the length of thepickup bed – plus four heavy-duty cleatsletting you position stable tie-down pointsanywhere along the channels.Integrated Bumper Step With a tub,getting to what you need is vital – especiallywhen loaded. Navara’s new integrated bumperstep gives you easy access.ST-X Dual Cab Pickup shownGenuine accessory fitted to this model. †Only available on ST-X & PRO-4X. Pickup models only.*§

Don’t just make the scene, be the sceneWhen heads turn as soon as you pull up, you know it’s going to be a great night. You’re dressed with style thatdraws a crowd, thanks to blacked-out trim, tough fender flares for a wider presence and red-accented badges.And when you want to make a quick escape, 17" alloy wheels wrapped in all terrain tyres and Navara's 5-link rearsuspension* let you get out of town in a flash.*Dual Cab Pickup models only

NissanConnect lets you seamlessly connect to yourcompatible smartphone, with Bluetooth streamingaudio, Voice Recognition, and Satellite Navigation*to keep you in the loop, and on the go.Apple CarPlay integration, equipped with Siri voice control, brings your contacts, favorite apps, music,maps, and more. Steering wheel controls give youSEAMLESS CONNECTIVITYeasy access at your fingertips. Simply plug in yourFind the nearest trailhead,or the best DJ in towncompatible iPhone and go.Android Auto TM can get you where you’re going with Google Maps as your guide, while Google PlayTM MusicTMWhether it’s to beat the crowds – or be part of the crowd – advanced techprovides the soundtrack along the way. Choose ais your guide. Apple CarPlay integration and Android Autosong, change your destination, or respond to a text TM let you connectthe way you want, and you can even customize the 8-inch touch-screenwith your hands on the wheel using the hundredsdisplay like your favorite tablet.of voice commands using Google AssistantTM .CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc. Android Auto is a trademark of Google LLC. Compatible device and USB connection required. PRO-4X Auto variant shown.*Not available on SL models

A DVA NCED DRI V E-A SSI ST DI SPL AYWhen you’re well informed, you’re in commandIt’s easy to be in control of the situation with the Navara's Advanced Drive-Assist Display. Helping keepyour eyes on the road with less looking away means you’re focused and relaxed whether you’re dodgingboulders or navigating city traffic. The Navara's 7-inch Advanced Drive-Assist Display puts key informationright where you want it. With a quick look down, you can get info on everything from music information tonavigation directions* and key driver’s aid alerts. The inbuilt Intelligent Driver Alert system can even monitoryour driving and suggest when you may need to take a break or stop for coffee.Turn-by-turn Directions*Driving Aids †Intelligent Driver AlertnessBluetooth Audio*Not available on SL. †Display from PRO-4X model shown. Information on display varies by grade.

REFINED INTERIORFind sanctuary wherever you goRelax in so much comfort and style, you’ll never want to leave. Whether it’s a road trip with the crewor date night, you’ve got upscale accommodations with unique interior trim, and available on PRO-4X;red-accented logos and stitching. Make those long drives feel short with a quieter cabin featuringfatigue-reducing all day comfort seats and optional leather-accented trim. Tailor your ride just theway you like with Dual Zone Climate Control* and with a power adjustable driver’s seat , andrecontoured rear seats on dual cab models with a new rear armrest and integrated cupholdersin the back, every seat is the best seat in the house.PRO-4X interior shown. Optional only on ST-X Auto. Leather accented features and upholstery may contain synthetic material. *Only available on ST-X and PRO-4X.

CARGO AND STORAGEStore it, hide it, lock it, love itLife can be messy. Navara brings order to the chaos. Tuck things away with a high-capacity glove compartment,a roomy center console, and dedicated storage under the climate control. Keep your electronics charged up withhandy USB ports. Nissan innovation is everywhere you look – the cupholders are great for holding drinks, andwhen not in use the “dogbone” design is perfectly shaped to hold your mobile.2ND-ROW FLEXIBILITYFlip it up, or just stretch out and enjoyNavara maximizes storage inside and out. The rear seats on dual cab models feature under-seatstorage to keep things from prying eyes, and can stay flipped up to help carry taller items. The rearseat in Dual Cab models feature a fold-down armrest with integrated cupholders, and have ev