GA500 Data SheetAC Microdrive for Industrial ApplicationsData SheetType:CIPR-GA50Cxxxxxxxx200 V Class, Three-Phase Input: 0.1 to 22 kW200 V Class, Single-Phase Input: 0.1 to 4.0 kW400 V Class, Three-Phase Input: 0.37 to 30 kW

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ContentsIntroduction . 4About GA500 . 4Drive Selection . 4Features and Functions . 5Model Designation . 5General specification . 6List of Models . 8Power Ratings . 11Three-phase 200 V Units . 11Single-phase 200 V Units . 11Three-phase 400 V Units . 11Watt Loss . 12Standard Drives without EMC filter . 12Standard Drives with integrated EMC filter . 13Finless Drives . 13Integrated EMC Filters . 14Deratings . 15Carrier Frequency Derating . 15Ambient Temperature Derating . 16Altitude Derating . 16Electrical Connections . 17Connection Diagram . 17Dimensions . 18Accessories. 20Network Communications Option Cards. 20LED/LCD Keypads . 21Keypad Door Mounting Kits and Keypad Cover . 22Heatsink External Mounting Kit . 23UL Type 1 Kit. 24DIN Rail Attachment . 26Cable Shield Clamp Kit . 27Tools and Software . 28Tools . 28Connection Cables . 28Power Options . 29EMC Filters . 29AC Input Reactors . 31AC Output Reactors . 32Braking Resistors . 33

IntroductionIntroductionAbout GA500GA500 is a general-purpose drive for industrial use. Applications range from simplemotor control of pumps or fans up to more demanding compressors, transportsystems, positioning tasks etc.Key attributes are ease of use, flexibility and sustainability. Loaded with valuablefeatures and functions GA500 drives greatly simplifies system designs and maximizesystem and machine performance while reducing the effort for installation and setupto a minimum.Drive SelectionGA500 drives must be selected according to power supply voltage, motor rated current, load profile of theapplication, and ambient condition of the area they are operated in.GA500 drives offer two separate performance ratings: Heavy Duty and Normal Duty.In Heavy Duty the GA500 can run applications with constant torque and heavy overload of up to 150% for 1minute, such as hoist, conveyors, presses, certain types of compressors, etc.Normal Duty is intended to drive applications with variable torque characteristics and low overload demand ofnot more than 110% for 1 minute, such as fans, blowers, pumps, etc.Normal Duty allows the drive to operate a one size larger motor than in Heavy Duty rating.GA500 drives are designed to be wall mounted upright and in clean environmental condition. In case of specialmounting methods (heatsink external, horizontal, etc.), high ambient temperature ( 50 C), high altitude(above 1000 m), use of high carrier frequency, and so forth, an output current derating must be consideredwhen selecting the drive.Finless drives must be mounted on an external heatsink or cooler. The selection of a heatsink is described inTOEP C710617 0Sx, GA500 Finless-Type Drive Installation Manual.4YASKAWA Europe GmbH GA500 Data Sheet

Features and FunctionsFeatures and FunctionsModel DesignationGA500 drives can be identified the by either the catalog code or the model code below as outlined below.Catalog CodeGA50C4008EBA2345678GA50C4008EBAC000016Model CodeCIPR BAAASA101112131415Inverter DriveProduct Series – GA500Region Code – C: EuropeVoltageB – 230 Vac single phase2 – 230 Vac three phase4 – 400 Vac three phaseRated output current – see belowEMC filter:A – external filterB – integrated filter (400 V – C2, 20m; 3Ph-200 V C3 – 20 m, 1Ph-200 V: C1 - 10 m)Enclosure:A – IP20 standard heatsink with fan coolingJ – IP20 finless (cold plate)Environmental spec:A – standardP – ruggedized (enforced vibration resistance stronger PCB coating)Design spec:A – standardType of control terminalsB - standardReservedReservedReservedType of keypadS – half size with LED and soft keysApplicationA – StandardC – High frequency firmwareSpecial Specification (omitted for standard units)None – standard unitC0033 – High output frequencyGA500 Data Sheet YASKAWA Europe GmbH 5

Features and FunctionsGeneral specificationItemProduct NamePower RangeRated Input FrequencyAllowable Voltage FluctuationAllowable Frequency FluctuationDC SupplyOverload ToleranceDC ReactorBraking TransistorApplicable Motor TypesMaximum Output FrequencyOutput frequency resolutionStarting TorqueSpeed Control RangeZero Speed ControlTorque Limit ControlAcceleration/Deceleration RampsBraking TorqueV/f PatternProtection6DescriptionGA5001-phase 200 240 V: 0.1 to 4 kW (HD) / 2.2 kW (ND)3-phase 200 240 V: 0.1 to 22 kW (ND)3-phase 380 400 V: 0.1 to 30 kW (ND)50 Hz-15 to 10% 5%200 V class: 270 to 340 Vdc400 V class: 513 to 679 VdcHD: 150% of rated output current for 60 sND: 110% of rated output current for 60 s(allowable every 9 mins after overload 1 min)ExternalBuilt inInduction / PM / Synchronous ReluctanceInduction Motor: 590 HzPM Motor – Vector Control: 590 HzPM Motor – Advanced Vector Control: 270 HzIM/PM/SynRM – EZ Vector Control: 120 Hz0.001 HzV/f control (IM): 150% @ 3 HzVector Control (IM): 150% @ 0.6 HzVector Control (PM): 100% @ 10% speedAdvanced Vector Control (PM): 100% @ 0 rpmEZ Vector (IM/PM/SynRM): 100% @ 1% speedV/f control (IM): 1:40Vector Control (IM): 1:100Vector Control (PM): 1:10Advanced Vector Control (PM): 1:100EZ Vector (IM/PM/SynRM): 1:10Possible with Advanced Vector Control for PM, sensor less, IPM motorPossible in Vector Control (IM/PM) and Advanced Vector Control (PM), sensorless, 4quadrants individually adjustable4 individual, 0 to 6000 s linear, 4 separately adjustable S-curvesApprox. 20% without braking resistor, approx. 125% with braking resistorFreely adjustable Motor electronic thermistor function Motor PTC input Instantaneous over current at 200% of rated current Drive overload 150% (HD) / 110% (ND) for 1 min, once per 10 min DC over voltage at 420 Vdc (230 V units) / 820 Vdc (400 V units) Output ground fault Motor stall preventionYASKAWA Europe GmbH GA500 Data Sheet

Features and FunctionsItemSoftware FunctionsAmbient ConditionsVibration ng InterfaceProgramming ToolsPLC logic / Application ProgrammingDescription Power outage ride through control PID control Speed search (catch coasting motor) Over-/undertorque detection 17-step multi-speed operation Resonance frequency avoidance Motor data auto-tuning rotating/in stop condition Dwell function Cooling fan control by heatsink temperature Reference limiter DC brake Overexcitation braking / High-slip braking Energy saving Parameter copy function DC over voltage suppressionPlace of Installation: Indoors, no direct sunlight free from oil, mist, flammable gases, metal powder, oil, water, salt, harmfulgases and liquids, solventsOperation temperature: IP20: -10 to 50 C (up to 60 C with derating) UL type 1: -10 to 40 C Heatsink external / Finless: -10 to 35 C (up to 50 C with derating) Side-by-Side mounting: -10 to 40 C (up to 50 C with derating)Storage temperature: -20 to 70 CHumidity: 95% RH, no condensationOvervoltage category: IIIPollution degree: 2 or lessAltitude: up to 1000m, up to 4000m with 1% current derating per 100 m10 to 20 Hz – 1 g (9.81 m/s²); 20 to 55 Hz – 0.6 g (5.9 m/s²) UL61800-5-1 EN61800-2 IEC/EN61800-5-1 ISO/EN13849-1 Cat. III PLe, IEC/EN61508 SIL3 (2 Safety inputs, 1 EDM output) IP20 UL type 1 Modbus/Memobus embedded via built in RS485 interface, 115.2 kBps EtherNet IP, Modbus TCP, ProfiNet, EtherCat, PowerLink, Profibus, CANopenoptional Built in removable LED keypad with soft buttons Built in USB mini port for connection a PC or Android Smart Device Serial through keypad port (needs adapter) DriveWizard 10 (Windows 10) DriveWizard mobile (Android and iOS) Programmable in DriveWorksEZ, up to 100 connections (DWEZ Pro) or 25connections (DWEZ Standard), 2 ms scan timeGA500 Data Sheet YASKAWA Europe GmbH