THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALLAGESAN ENCYCLOPEDIC OUTLINE OFMASONIC, HERMETIC,QABBALISTIC AND ROSICRUCIANSYMBOLICAL PHILOSOPHYBeing an Interpretation of theSecret Teachings concealed within the Rituals, Allegories,and Mysteries of all AgesByManly P. HallSAN FRANCISCOPRINTED FOR MANLY P. HALLBY H.S. CROCKER COMPANY, INCORPORATEDMCMXXVIII[1928, no renewal]Scanned at, November, 2001. J. B. Hare, Redactor. This text is in the public domain because it was not renewed at theUS Copyright Office in a timely fashion. These files may be used for any non-commercial purpose, provided this notice of attribution isleft intact.Note: all page numbers in the original were given as Roman numerals; these have been converted to Arabic numerals in this etext.p. 3This Book is dedicated to the Rational Soul of the WorldSource URL:

PREFACENUMEROUS volumes have been written as commentaries upon the secret systems ofphilosophy existing in the ancient world, but the ageless truths of life, like many of theearth's greatest thinkers, have usually been clothed in shabby garments. The present workis an attempt to supply a tome worthy of those seers and sages whose thoughts are thesubstance of its pages. To bring about this coalescence of Beauty and Truth has provedmost costly, but I believe that the result will produce an effect upon the mind of thereader which will more than justify the expenditure.Work upon the text of this volume was begun the first day of January, 1926, and hascontinued almost uninterruptedly for over two years. The greater part of the researchwork, however, was carried on prior to the writing of the manuscript. The collection ofreference material was begun in 1921, and three years later the plans for the book tookdefinite form. For the sake of clarity, all footnotes were eliminated, the various quotationsand references to other authors being embodied in the text in their logical order. Thebibliography is appended primarily to assist those interested in selecting for future studythe most authoritative and important items dealing with philosophy and symbolism. Tomake readily accessible the abstruse information contained in the book, an elaboratetopical cross index is included.I make no claim for either the infallibility or the originality of any statement hereincontained. I have studied the fragmentary writings of the ancients sufficiently to realizethat dogmatic utterances concerning their tenets are worse than foolhardy. Traditionalismis the curse of modern philosophy, particularly that of the European schools. While manyof the statements contained in this treatise may appear at first wildly fantastic, I havesincerely endeavored to refrain from haphazard metaphysical speculation, presenting thematerial as far as possible in the spirit rather than the letter of the original authors. Byassuming responsibility only for the mistakes which may' appear herein, I hope to escapethe accusation of plagiarism which has been directed against nearly every writer on thesubject of mystical philosophy.Having no particular ism of my own to promulgate, I have not attempted to twist theoriginal writings to substantiate preconceived notions, nor have I distorted doctrines inany effort to reconcile the irreconcilable differences present in the various systems ofreligio-philosophic thought.The entire theory of the book is diametrically opposed to the modern method of thinking,for it is concerned with subjects openly ridiculed by the sophists of the twentieth century.Its true purpose is to introduce the mind of the reader to a hypothesis of living whollybeyond the pale of materialistic theology, philosophy, or science. The mass of abstruse

material between its covers is not susceptible to perfect organization, but so far aspossible related topics have been grouped together.Rich as the English language is in media of expression, it is curiously lacking in termssuitable to the conveyance of abstract philosophical premises. A certain intuitive grasp ofthe subtler meanings concealed within groups of inadequate words is necessary thereforeto an understanding of the ancient Mystery Teachings.Although the majority of the items in the bibliography are in my own library, I wish toacknowledge gratefully the assistance rendered by the Public Libraries of San Franciscoand Los Angeles, the libraries of the Scottish Rite in San Francisco and Los Angeles, thelibraries of the University of California in Berkeley and Los Angeles, the Mechanics'Library in San Francisco, and the Krotona Theosophical Library at Ojai, California.Special recognition for their help is also due to the following persons: Mrs. Max Heindel,Mrs. Alice Palmer Henderson, Mr. Ernest Dawson and staff, Mr. John Howell, Mr. PaulElder, Mr. Phillip Watson Hackett, and Mr. John R. Ruckstell. Single books were lent byother persons and organizations, to whom thanks are also given.The matter of translation was the greatest single task in the research work incident to thepreparation of this volume. The necessaryp. 6German translations, which required nearly three years, were generously undertaken byMr. Alfred Beri, who declined all remuneration for his labor. The Latin, Italian, French,and Spanish translations were made by Prof. Homer P. Earle. The Hebrew text was editedby Rabbi Jacob M. Alkow. Miscellaneous short translations and checking also were doneby various individuals.The editorial work was under the supervision of Dr. C. B. Rowlingson, through whoseable efforts literary order was often brought out of literary chaos. Special recognition isalso due the services rendered by Mr. Robert B. Tummonds, of the staff of H. S. CrockerCompany, Inc., to whom were assigned the technical difficulties of fitting the text matterinto its allotted space. For much of the literary charm of the work I am also indebted toMr. M. M. Saxton, to whom the entire manuscript was first dictated and to whom wasalso entrusted the preparation of the index. The splendid efforts of Mr. J. AugustusKnapp, the illustrator, have resulted in a series of color plates which add materially to thebeauty and completeness of the work. Q The printing of the book was in the hands of Mr.Frederick E. Keast, of H. S. Crocker Company, Inc., whose great personal interest in thevolume has been manifested by an untiring effort to improve the quality thereof Throughthe gracious cooperation of Dr. John Henry Nash, the foremost designer of printing onthe American Continent, the book appears in a unique and appropriate form, embodyingthe finest elements of the printer's craft. An increase in the number of plates and also afiner quality of workmanship than was first contemplated have been made possible byMr. C. E. Benson, of the Los Angeles Engraving Company, who entered heart and soulinto the production of this volume.

The pre-publication sale of this book has been without known precedent in book history.The subscription list for the first edition of 550 copies was entirely closed a year beforethe manuscript was placed in the printer's hands. The second, or King Solomon, edition,consisting of 550 copies, and the third, or Theosophical, edition, consisting of 200 copies,were sold before the finished volume was received from the printer. For so ambitious aproduction, this constitutes a unique achievement. The credit for this extraordinary salesprogram belongs to Mrs. Maud F. Galigher, who had as her ideal not to sell the book inthe commercial sense of the word but to place it in the hands of those particularlyinterested in the subject matter it contains. Valuable assistance in this respect was alsorendered by numerous friends who had attended my lectures and who withoutcompensation undertook and successfully accomplished the distribution of the book.In conclusion, the author wishes to acknowledge gratefully his indebtedness to each oneof the hundreds of subscribers through whose advance payments the publication of thisfolio was made possible. To undertake the enormous expense involved was entirelybeyond his individual means and those who invested in the volume had no assurance ofits production and no security other than their faith in the integrity of the writer.I sincerely hope that each reader will profit from the perusal of this book, even as I haveprofited from the writing of it. The years of labor and thought expended upon it havemeant much to me. The research work discovered to me many great truths; the writing ofit discovered to me the laws of order and patience; the printing of it discovered to me newwonders of the arts and crafts; and the whole enterprise has discovered to me a multitudeof friends whom otherwise I might never have known. And so, in the words of JohnBunyan:I pennedIt down, until at last it came to be,For length and breadth, the bigness which you see.MANLY P. HALL.Los Angeles, CaliforniaMay 28,1928

p. 7Table of ContentsDEDICATIONPREFACECOLOR PLATESILLUSTRATIONS IN THE TEXTINTRODUCTIONTHE ANCIENT MYSTERIES AND SECRET SOCIETIES WHICH HAVEINFLUENCED MODERN MASONIC SYMBOLISMAncient systems of education--Celsus concerning the Christians-Knowledge necessary to right living--The Druidic Mysteries of Britain andGaul--The Rites of Mithras--The Mithraic and Christian Mysteriescontrasted.THE ANCIENT MYSTERIES AND SECRET SOCIETIES, PART IIThe Gnostic Mysteries--Simon Magus and Basilides--Abraxas, the Gnosticconcept of Deity--The Mysteries of Serapis--Labyrinth symbolism--TheOdinic, or Gothic, Mysteries.THE ANCIENT MYSTERIES AND SECRET SOCIETIES, PART IIIThe Eleusinian Mysteries--The Lesser Rites--The Greater Rites--The OrphicMysteries--The Bacchic Mysteries--The Dionysiac Mysteries.ATLANTIS AND THE GODS OF ANTIQUITYPlato's Atlantis in the light of modern science-The Myth of the Dying GodThe Rite of Tammuz and Ishtar--The Mysteries of Atys and Adonis-TheRites of Sabazius--The Cabiric Mysteries of Samothrace.THE LIFE AND WRITINGS OF THOTH HERMES TRISMEGISTUSSuppositions concerning identity of Hermes--The mutilated Hermeticfragments--The Book of Thoth--Poimandres, the Vision of Hermes--TheMystery of Universal Mind--The Seven Governors of the World.THE INITIATION OF THE PYRAMIDThe opening of the Great Pyramid by Caliph at Mamoun--The passagewaysand chambers of the Great Pyramid--The riddle of the Sphinx--The PyramidMysteries--The secret of the Pyramid coffer-The dwelling place of theHidden God.ISIS, THE VIRGIN OF THE WORLDThe birthdays of the gods--The murder of Osiris--The Hermetic Isis--Thesymbols peculiar to Isis--The Troubadours--The mummification of the dead.THE SUN, A UNIVERSAL DEITY35911122125293337414549

The Solar Trinity-Christianity and the Sun--The birthday of the Sun--Thethree Suns--The celestial inhabitants of the Sun--The midnight Sun.THE ZODIAC AND ITS SIGNSPrimitive astronomical instruments--The equinoxes and solstices--Theastrological ages of the world--The circular zodiac of Tentyra--Aninterpretation of the zodiacal signs--The horoscope of the world.THE BEMBINE TABLE OF ISISPlato's initiation in the Great Pyramid--The history of the Bembine Table-Platonic theory of ideas--The interplay of the three philosophical zodiacs-The Chaldean philosophy of triads--The Orphic Egg.WONDERS OF ANTIQUITYThe ever-burning lamps--The oracle of Delphi--The Dodonean oracle--Theoracle of Trophonius--The initiated architects--The Seven Wonders of theworld.THE LIFE AND PHILOSOPHY OF PYTHAGORASPythagoras and the School of Crotona--Pythagoric fundamentals--Thesymmetrical solids--The symbolic aphorisms of Pythagoras--Pythagoreanastronomy--Kepler's theory of the universe.PYTHAGOREAN MATHEMATICSThe theory of numbers--The numerical values of letters--Method of securingthe numerical Power of words--An introduction to the Pythagorean theory ofnumbers--The sieve of Eratosthenes--The meanings of the ten numbers.THE HUMAN BODY IN SYMBOLISMThe philosophical manikin--The three universal centers--The temples ofinitiation--The hand in symbolism--The greater and lesser man--TheAnthropos, or Oversoul.THE HIRAMIC LEGENDThe building of Solomon's Temple--The murder of CHiram Abiff--Themartyrdom of Jacques de Molay--The spirit fire and the pineal gland--Thewanderings of the astronomical CHiram--Cleopatra's Needle and Masons'marks.THE PYTHAGOREAN THEORY OF MUSIC AND COLORPythagoras and the diatonic scale--Therapeutic music--The music of thespheres--The use of color in symbolism--The colors of the spectrum and themusical scale--Zodiacal and planetary colors.FISHES, INSECTS, ANIMALS, REPTILES, AND BIRDSJonah and the whale--The fish the symbol of Christ--The Egyptian scarab-Jupiter's fly--The serpent of wisdom--The sacred crocodile.FISHES, INSECTS, ANIMALS, REPTILES, AND BIRDS, PART IIThe dove, the yonic emblem--The self-renewing phœnix--The Great Seal ofthe United States of America--Bast, the cat goddess of the Ptolemies--Apis,the sacred bull--The monoceros, or unicorn.FLOWERS, PLANTS, FRUITS, AND TREESThe flower, a phallic symbol--The lotus blossom--The Scandinavian World5357616569737781858993

Tree, Yggdrasil--The sprig of acacia--The juice of the grape--The magicalpowers of the mandrake.STONES, METALS, AND GEMSPrehistoric monuments--The tablets of the Law--The Holy Grail--The agesof the world--Talismanic jewels--Zodiacal and planetary stones and gems.CEREMONIAL MAGIC AND SORCERYThe black magic of Egypt--Doctor Johannes Faustus--The Mephistophelesof the Grimores--The invocation of spirits--Pacts with demons--Thesymbolism of the pentagram.97101p. 8THE ELEMENTS AND THEIR INHABITANTS.The Paracelsian theory of submundanes--The orders of elemental beings-The Gnomes, Undines, Salamanders, and Sylphs--Demonology--Theincubus and succubus--Vampirism.HERMETIC PHARMACOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, AND THERAPEUTICSThe healing methods of Paracelsus--Palingenesis--Hermetic theoriesconcerning the cause of disease--Medicinal properties of herbs--The use ofdrugs in the Mysteries--The sect of the Assassins.THE QABBALAH, THE SECRET D