THE INSTITUTE OF CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIAINTERMEDIATE NEW EXAMINATION / ACCOUNTING TECHNICIANEXAMINATION - December, 2021(Under Regulation 28G(4) of the Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988)NOTES FOR INFORMATION AND GUIDANCE OF APPLICANTSATTENTION CANDIDATES1. Ensure that you are filling the correct exam form. In other words, check the exam application formto see if it relates to Intermediate(IPC)(Old) course or Intermediate(New) course, before you apply.2. Detailed instructions on filling up the exam forms online are enclosed. Candidates are advised toread, understand and follow the instructions carefully while filling up the form. Please also read theFAQs for Online Forms Intermediate hosted on https://icaiexam.icai.org3. Filling up valid E-mail address, Mobile Number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) at therespective column(s) in the examination form is mandatory. Before proceeding to fill up the examform online, candidates may keep following items for their readyuse:a. Copy of registration letter of group(s) in which he or she wishes to appear in December, 2021 tocarefully note and apply against their correct Registration Numberb. Scanned copy of the Certificate of Service (wherever applicable). Candidates may note thatuploading of Certificate of Service as applicable to them is a mandatory requirement for candidateswho have joined/converted to Intermediate through Direct Entry Scheme - Graduates/PostGraduates and have commenced their article ship or Candidates who registered for Intermediate(IPC) course through CPT route and appeared in the Intermediate (IPC) Examination in one or bothgroups but did not qualify both groups or either of group and converted to Intermediate under theDirect Entry Scheme and commenced practical training/Candidates who registered for Intermediatecourse through CPT/FOUNDATION route and appeared in the Intermediate Examination in one orboth groups but did not qualify both groups or either of the groups, and now converted to Direct EntryScheme and commenced practical training. For doing this, before proceeding to fill up the exam form,candidates are advised to download the format of certificate which are available on the home page of “December, 2021 Exam Details”, fill in the particulars, get it attested from Principal/Member, scan the same as aJpg/Jpeg file of size 100-300Kb/ 200DPI resolution and keep it ready for uploading. Whileuploading, candidates are advised to give an undertaking that the image being uploaded pertains tothe December, 2021 exam.c. Master/Visa/Maestro Credit/Debit Card/Rupay/BHIM UPI for making online payment,payment by Internet banking is also permitted.4. After filling up the form, check the same to see if all the details, (more particularly the fieldsrelating to registration number, gender, medium, centre, eligibility criteria and Exam Applied), havebeen filled in correctly before you proceed to make onlinepayment.5. Candidates are advised to keep a copy of PDF file generated on successful payment, forfuture reference.6. Do not wrinkle / fold the PDF form while posting/submitting. The PDF is required to besubmitted/sent to examination department ONLY in case the candidates photograph and signatureare not displayed on the screen while filling his exam application. Such applicants are required totake a print out of their exam form, affix their photograph and signature at the designated place andget the form attested by a Chartered Accountant or a Gazetted Officer or Head of an EducationalInstitution as applicable and submit the same at the designated office/s of ICAI.

Those candidates whose photograph and signatures are appearing in the pdf, while filling theirexam application, need NOT submit a print out of their exam form at the office/s of ICAI.7. Exam fees is to be remitted Online only using Master/Visa/Maestro Credit/DebitCard/Rupay/BHIM UPI. Payment through Net Banking is also accepted. Read Paragraph 5 fordetails.8. Admit cards of all the candidates will be hosted on generally 14 daysprior to the commencement of the examination. Candidates may print their admit cardsfrom the website, No physical admit card will be sent to any candidate.9. For downloading/printing of the admit cards from the above mentioned website, candidateswill have to log-in to the site and print the admit card from their dashboard10. Candidates have the option of writing the answers in Hindi or in English. Such optionshould be clearly exercised at the time of filling up the form. Read Paragraph 7 fordetails.11. Candidates with permanent disability are advised to refer to Paragraph 8 carefully.12. Those who have passed one of the Groups but not both the groups of the erstwhileIntermediate examination held under the syllabus prescribed in Paragraph 2A of Schedule B of CARegulations 1988 ( i.e. erstwhile Intermediate exam held in November 1994 and thereafter), or PEII or PCE or IPCE or first group of Intermediate(IPC) are eligible to appear under the Unit Schemeof Intermediate Examination, upon conversion to the Intermediate course.Those who have passed one of the Groups but not both the groups of the erstwhile Intermediateexamination held under the syllabus prescribed in Paragraph 2 of Schedule B of CA Regulations1988 ( i.e. erstwhile Intermediate exam held prior to November 1994), are not eligible to appearunder the Unit Scheme of Intermediate Examination. Such candidates are required to convert to theIntermediate course and appear in both the Groups of Intermediate examination, either separatelyor together, in the normal course, if they want to pursue the course.Please refer to the announcement on "Exemption(s) in a paper(s)" and "IntermediateExamination-Unit Scheme" dated 9/1/2018 hosted at Same is reproduced asAppendix-A & B.13.IMPORTANT DATESLastDate Without Late feesForSubmissionofOnlineApplication30th September,2021With Late fees of Rs.600/(USDollar 10)3rd October, 202114. Late Fee is applicable from 1st October, 2021 to 3rd October, 2021.

(i) Those candidates whose photographs and signatures are appearing on the PDF, neednot send the printout of the PDF to ExamDept.(ii) Applicants whose photograph / signature are not appearing on the PDF have to affixtheir photograph & sign the PDF before necessary attestation and dispatch/submit thesame to Exam Section.(iii) Last Date for Receipt of Printout of Exam Application form (PDF) filled Online afteraffixing photograph and specimen signature (if the same are not appearing in the pdf) andsigning the declaration duly countersigned by a member of the Institute//Principal/GazettedOfficer is 7th October, 2021.Printout of Exam Application form (PDF) received after 7th October, 2021 will not beentertained under any circumstances. Therefore, candidates are advised to fill up theexam forms online at an early date to avoid last minute technical glitches and send thePDF form generated at least 3-4 days in advance of the last date.IMPORTANT : Candidates are advised NOT to paste the photographs over thephotographs already appearing in the PDF from the system (based on the respectivecandidates photograph and signatures appearing in the previous Exam forms submittedby him) or sign over the signature already appearing in the PDF from the system as NOcognizance of the same will be taken and such changes will be summarily ignored.15. Contact details:The Additional Secretary (Exams)The Institute of Chartered Accountants of IndiaICAI BhawanPost Box No. 7112Indraprastha MargNew Delhi 110 002Helpline Telephone Numbers: 0120-3054 851, 3054 852 , 3054 853, 3054 835,4953 751, 4953752, 4953 753, 4953 754.E-mail address: intermediate [email protected] Admit Cards and Results will be hosted onicaiexam.icai.org1) The next Intermediate Examination / Accounting Technician Examination (ATE) under thesyllabus as specified by the Council in accordance with Regulation 28G (4) of the CharteredAccountants Regulations, 1988 as amended vide the Chartered Accountants (Amendment)Regulations, 2017 (as published in the Gazette of India: Extraordinary, dated 25th May, 2017and Notification No. 1-CA(7)/178/2016 published in the Gazette of India, Extraordinary dated25th May, 2017) will be held in December, 2021. The students of Professional CompetenceCourse or the erstwhile Professional Education - (Course II) and erstwhile Intermediate Coursecovered under previous syllabus as per para 2 or 2A of schedule B to CA Regulations, 1988andIntermediate(IPC) now wishing to appear, if otherwise eligible and converted into IntermediateCourse, have to fill up this form. Students converting from the erstwhile Intermediate, PEII or Professional Competence Courses and Intermediate(IPC) may see the Board ofStudies Announcement dated 9/1/2018 which is reproduced as Appendix-A & B.

2) Dates and Timings of the Examination:Group IPaper Subject1Accounting2Corporate and Other Laws:Part I: Company LawPart II: Other Laws3Cost 00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.Wednesday 2.00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.10.12.2021Friday2.00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.12.12.2021Sunday2.00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.Management Accounting4TaxationSection A: Income Tax LawSection B: Indirect TaxesGroup IIPaper SubjectDateDayTimings(IST)2.00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.5Advanced Accounting14.12.2021Tuesday6Auditing and Assurance16.12.2021Thursday2.00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.7Enterprise InformationSystems and & StrategicManagementSection A: EnterpriseInformation SystemsSection B: StrategicManagementFinancial Management &18.12.2021SSaturday2.00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.20.12.2021MoMonday2.00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.8Economics for FinanceNote: (i) Examination timings at Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Muscat Centres will be 12.30P.M. to 03.30 P.M. Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Muscat local time equivalent to 2.00 P.M. to5.00 P.M. (IST). Examination timings at Bahrain, Doha, Kampala and Kuwait Centreswill be 11.30 A.M. to 02.30 P.M. Bahrain, Doha, Kampala and Kuwait local timecorresponding/equivalent to 2.00 P.M. to 5.00P.M. (IST). Examination timings at Kathmandu centre will be 02.15 P.M. to 05.15 P.M.Nepal local time equivalent to 02.00 P.M. to 05.00 P.M. (IST).

(ii) There will be no change in the examination schedule in the event of any day ofexamination schedule being declared a Public Holiday by the Central Governmentor any State Government.3) Bifurcation of Paper 4- Taxation & Paper-7 Enterprise Information Systems &Strategic Management of Intermediate Examination into two sections:Paper 4- Taxation of Intermediate and Paper-7 Enterprise Information Systems &Strategic Management of Intermediate have been bifurcated into two sections.Accordingly, the question paper in respect of Paper 4 will have two sections. Section Acovering questions from Income Tax LawSection B- covering questions from Indirect TaxesSimilarly the question paper in respect of Paper 7 will have two sections.Section A- covering questions from Enterprise Information SystemsSection B- covering questions from Strategic ManagementThe said papers will continue to be held in a single session of 3 hours. Candidates will be required towrite their answers in respect of each of the sections in two separate answer books. They will berequired to write answers relating to Income Tax Law in the answer book meant for Section A (duly marked "A" ) and those relating to Indirect Taxes Law in the answer book meant for SectionB( duly marked "B").Consolidated marks of both the sections would be indicated in the statement of marks.The paper will be treated as a single paper for the purpose of passing requirements,exemptions and for providing certified copies.With effect from May 2019 examinations, following papers of both Intermediate (IPC) andIntermediate (New) ( i.e., both under old and new syllabus) will have multiple choice questions tothe tune of 30 marks and other questions of descriptive nature to the tune of 70 marks.Intermediate NewPaper Subject2Corporate and Other lawsIntermediate(IPC)Paper Taxation6Auditing and assurance6Auditing and assurances7Enterprise Information system and 7InformationTechnologystrategic managementStrategic ManagementDetails are as follows:andand(i) In each of the above papers, the weightage for objective type questions would be 30%. Theremaining questions i.e., 70% of the paper would be as per the present pattern of assessment.

(ii) The objective type questions will be for 30 Marks in each 100 marks paper. They wouldbe in the nature of multiple choice questions (MCQs) carrying 1 or 2 marks. EachMCQ will have 4 options, out of which 1 option would be the correct answer. The1 mark MCQs would be in the range of 10 to 16 MCQs; the 2 mark MCQs wouldbe in the range of 7 to 10 MCQs.(iii) The MCQs will be compulsory and there would be no internal or external choicein them.(iv) The MCQs may be either knowledge-based or application-based. The skill levelwould be either “knowledge and comprehension” or “application and analysis”.(v) There will be no negative marking for wrong answers.(vi) No reasoning is required for answers to MCQs.4. Admission requirements in brief (full reference should be made to the CharteredAccountants Regulations, 1988 and amendments thereof and the various announcements,referred to hereinafter, hosted candidate shall be admitted to Intermediate Examination/ Accounting Technician Examinationunless:(i) He / She is enrolled for the relevant level(s) of the Intermediate Course; and(ii) His / Her registration to the Intermediate course is valid. Registration to theIntermediate course is valid for 4 years. A candidate has to ensure that his registration tothe course is valid, before applying for the exam.(iii) He / She produces a certificate to the effect that he has undergone a study course, for a periodnot less than eight months, as may be specified by the Council for the relevant level(s), as on thefirst day of