The Financial Adviser ExamCandidate Information BookletVersion 2.2, August 2021

ContentsRegistering for the Exam. 2Terms and conditions .2Payment .3Registration confirmation .3Remote proctoring .4Deferrals .4Refund terms .5Exam Preparation . 6Equity and fairness .6Exam content .6Misconduct policy .10Reasonable Adjustments (RA) . 12On Exam Day . 15Admission Ticket .15Identification.15Results . 17Release of results .17Appeals .17Re-sits .18Privacy . 18Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) . 19Before the exam .19On the exam day.21After the exam .23Page 1FA Exam Candidate Information BookletVersion 2.2, August 2021

Registering for the ExamTerms and conditionsBy submitting your application for registration you are entering into a legal agreement with TheAustralian Council for Educational Research Ltd (ABN: 19 004 398 145) and agree to the terms andconditions contained in this Candidate Information Booklet with particular reference to: You must submit your application for registration during the registration period for therelevant exam cycle as stated on the FASEA website; You must pay the fee for the Financial Adviser Exam being 594.00 (GST inclusive) (“theFee”); Subject to the ‘Deferrals’ section, if you register for the exam and pay the Fee, yourregistration is only applicable for the exam cycle you registered for; By registering to undertake the Financial Adviser Exam you are reserving a place in asitting and location of your choice; To cancel your sitting you are required to email the FA Exam Team at [email protected] less than fourteen (14) business days prior to the start of the exam cycle. If you wishto cancel your application to sit the Financial Adviser Exam, please ensure you first readthe refund terms; You must be a bona-fide candidate as per the exam eligibility information for ExistingFinancial Advisers and New Entrants detailed on the FASEA website; You must enter your personal details including your name and date of birth correctly. Ifyou have made a mistake in entering these details, you must submit a request to the FAExam Team at ACER via email requesting an update. If you request a change of name,you will be asked to submit evidence of such. Please note that it is not possible to changeyour personal details on your statement of results after the exam has been sat and examresults have been released for the relevant exam cycle; You can switch sitting dates and/or exam centres during the registration period,however it is not possible to change your booking after the close of registrations for therelevant exam cycle; You will be permitted to sit the exam only once during any given exam cycle; You must present a valid exam Admission Ticket and Identification to sit the exam; You must comply with the Exam misconduct and Prohibited items policies; If you have a disability or other health-related needs that might interfere with yourability to sit the exam in the standard manner, you can apply for ReasonablePage 2FA Exam Candidate Information BookletVersion 2.2, August 2021

Adjustments when you complete your exam registration. Note that ReasonableAdjustments do not carry over between exam cycles. If you have previously submittedan application for Reasonable Adjustments and still require adjustments for anysubsequent re-sits, you will need to submit a new application with your currentregistration; ACER reserves the right to absolutely refuse or cancel a registration in circumstanceswhere your registration is not bona-fide or is not received within the specifiedregistration period prior to your sitting of the Financial Adviser Exam; While ACER takes all reasonable measures to provide the Financial Adviser Exam at thescheduled time and/or place (“the Schedule”), ACER does not guarantee the Schedulebeing met where circumstances outside ACER’s reasonable control, such as internetaccess, prevent the same. If your FA Exam test session is compromised or has to becancelled due to such circumstances, it may be necessary for you to re-sit the FinancialAdviser Exam on a date and at a testing venue specified by ACER. Unless provided forunder an applicable law, such as the Australian Consumer Law, ACER will not beresponsible for paying any costs or expenses you may incur as a result of that re-sit. PaymentPayment of the Fee can be made by credit card (MasterCard or Visa Credit/Debit). AmericanExpress (AMEX) card, Diners Club card, personal cheques and cash will not be accepted.When you pay by credit card, you will receive a payment confirmation/tax invoice by email oncethe payment transaction is completed. The online payment option operates through ACER's ecommerce facility via the ACER website. Credit card details are not recorded or stored by ACERbut are encrypted at point of capture and transmitted directly to the bank, without entering ACERinformation systems.Please note that your credit card statement may list ACER as the recipient, and a specificreference to the exam may not be mentioned. If you (as the person registered to sit the exam),or any other person, wrongfully dispute the amount charged to the credit card provided tocomplete the registration, your registration may be cancelled, your results may be withheldand/or you may be blocked from taking further ACER-administered tests and exams.Please note: If you need to re-sit the exam, you will need to re-attempt the full exam and paythe full fee again.Registration confirmationThe email address which you register with will be used for all communication from ACER.Page 3FA Exam Candidate Information BookletVersion 2.2, August 2021

A registration confirmation will be emailed to your registered email address as soon as yousuccessfully submit your exam registration and payment. You will also receive reminder emailsfrom ACER about your exam booking leading up to the exam day. You should keep copies of allmessages from ACER ([email protected]) for your records.To create an account to register for the exam or to log in to your existing candidate account,please click here.Remote proctoringFrom 2020, the Financial Adviser Exam will be available to candidates via remote proctoring.Remote proctoring is a method of supervising a candidate remotely, over the internet, while theysit an exam. Candidates sit the exam, usually in their own home, using their own internetconnected computer and are monitored throughout the session via web cam attached to theirdevice.Remote proctoring candidates will also be required to check that the computer they intend touse to sit the exam is compatible with the Financial Adviser Exam delivery platform andmonitoring software, and also that they have sufficient bandwidth at their nominated location toensure a smooth, uninterrupted testing experience. Step-by-step instructions on how to run therequired computer checks will be provided to candidates.More information about remote proctoring can be found in the Remote Proctoring Informationand Step-by-step guide, available for download on the login page of the Candidate registrationportal.DeferralsRegistration deferrals to future exam cycles will not be accepted after the specified refunddeadline date.Special consideration for late deferral is available to candidates who are unable to sit or completean examination due to exceptional circumstance beyond their control. Candidates may be givenan opportunity to re-sit the examination at the next available date without incurring additionalexamination fees.Applications for special consideration in exceptional circumstances: will only be accepted from eligible candidates; and will not be approved unless thereare exceptional circumstances beyond the control of the candidate, such as:o acute illness (including hospital admission)o recent loss or bereavement (including the death of a close family member)o hardship or trauma (including being victim of crime, severe disruption todomestic life)Page 4FA Exam Candidate Information BookletVersion 2.2, August 2021

o unforeseen call-up for service (such as military service, court appearance, juryservice, or emergency service)o computer malfunction during the exam; and must be supported by appropriate evidence of the exceptional circumstances, such as:o medical certificate o death certificateo police reporto statutory declarationo examination centre report; oro evidence of requirement to attend court, jury service, military service,emergency service.Refund terms1.2.3.Should you need to cancel your exam registration, the Fee for the exam will berefunded up to the specified refund deadline date.The Australian Consumer Law (ACL), sets out the limited circumstances, in whichprovision of a refund is required. Where those circumstances are not applicable: you will be charged a 40.00 ( GST) refund administration charge; and should you register for, but not sit the Financial Adviser Exam, yourregistration fee will not be refunded beyond the specified refund deadlinedate without the prior written agreement of ACER.All requests for a refund must be made in writing by email to: [email protected] CycleRefund Deadline2021 Cycle 14 - September Wednesday 25 August 2021, 5:00pm AEST2021 Cycle 15 - NovemberFriday 29 October 2021, 5:00pm AEDTTable 1: Refund deadlinePage 5FA Exam Candidate Information BookletVersion 2.2, August 2021

Exam PreparationEquity and fairnessThe exam has been developed to rigorous professional and technical standards. The questionshave been designed and developed by a team of specialist exam writers, utilising ACER’s bestpractice methodologies, and reviewed by panels of external experts. All exam questions are alsosubject to statistical analysis and final review. The content, style and duration of the exam aredetermined to ensure that the testing program is relevant, fair, valid and reliable.The exam data are subjected to statistical analysis to check that each exam question hasperformed as required. Exam questions in development are carefully scrutinised in an ongoingattempt to minimise gender, ethnic or religious bias, and to ensure the exam is culturally fair.Exam contentExam formatThe exam is computer-based and will assess knowledge and skills across three domains:1.2.3.Financial advice regulatory and legal obligationsApplied ethical and professional reasoning and communicationFinancial advice construction.Mix and type of questionsThe exam will contain a mix of question types for each of the domains of knowledge and skills asfollows: Selected response style questions e.g. multiple choice questions Written response style questions e.g. case study style – short answer questions The exam allows candidates to demonstrate professional reasoning and the application of thatknowledge to retail client financial advice s