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Technical ManualRibbed Belt DrivesThis manual contains all relevant technical information as well as the method for calculating drives withoptibelt RB ribbed belts and optibelt RBS ribbed beltpulleys for mechanical engineering. The Optibeltrange for ribbed belt drives is based on the standards ISO 9982, RMA/MPTA IP-26 and DIN 7867.Our applications engineers would be pleased to giveadvice about using these drive systems and will worktogether with you to solve your drive problems. Thisservice is of course free of charge.It is especially important for large-scale series to takeadvantage of this service which will find the bestpossible solution for your requirements using state-ofthe-art computer programs. Arntz OPTIBELT Group, Germany1

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Ribbed belTs and Ribbed belT Pulleys1.a2.3.5.4.b7.d6.c8.ribbed Beltsribbed Belt Pulleys1/7/8 optibelt RbRibbed Belts, Profile PJLengths: 280-2489 mmOther dimensions on requestAoptibelt Rbsribbed Belt Pulleys for Cylindrical BoreBoptibelt Rbsribbed Belt Pulleys for taper BushesBoptibelt Rbsribbed Belt Pulleys with taper BushesBoptibelt Rbsribbed Belt Pulleys with taper Bushes2/6optibelt RbRibbed Belts, Profile PKLengths: 559-2845 mmOther dimensions on request3optibelt RbRibbed Belts, Profile PHLengths: 559-2155 mmOther dimensions on request4optibelt RbRibbed Belts, Profile PMLengths: 2286-15 266 mmOther dimensions on request5optibelt RbRibbed Belts, Profile PLLengths: 954-6096 mmOther dimensions on requestoptibelt RbElastic ribbed BeltsProfiles: EPH, EPJ on request (not shown)4 Arntz OPtIBELt GrOuP, GErmAny

ContentsIntroduction . 1Distribution Organisation of the Arntz Optibelt Group . 2Ribbed Belts and Ribbed Belt Pulleys . 4Product DescriptionStandard Range optibelt RB Ribbed Belts. 7Elastic optibelt ERB Ribbed Belts / Special Designs . 8Characteristics – Application AreasElastic optibelt ERB Ribbed Belts / Roller Conveyor . 9Special Designs . 10-11Automotive Drives optibelt CAR POWER RBK . 12Standard RangeRibbed Belts . 13-14Drive DesignAbbreviations Used in Formulae . 15Optibelt Power Rating PN – Arc of Contact Correction Factor c1 . 16Belt Length Correction Factor c3 . 17-18Minimum Allowance x/y above and below Drive Centre Distance anom. 19Drive Service Factor c2 . 20A Guide to Selecting Ribbed Belt Profiles . 21Formulae and Calculation Example . 22-24Drive Design – optibelt CAP. 25Power Ratingsoptibelt RB Ribbed Belts, Profile PH . 26optibelt RB Ribbed Belts, Profile PJ . 27optibelt RB Ribbed Belts, Profile PK . 28optibelt RB Ribbed Belts, Profile PL . 29optibelt RB Ribbed Belts, Profile PM . 30 Arntz OPTIBELT Group, Germany5

ContentsSpecial DrivesV-Flat Drives . 31-32Ribbed Belt PulleysMeasuring Pulleys – Length Measuring Conditionsto DIN 7867 / ISO 9982. 35Tension/Guide Idlers . 33-34Dimensions to DIN 7867 / ISO 9982. 36Standard Range optibelt TB Taper Bushes . 37Ribbed Belt Pulleys for Taper Bushes, Profile PJ. 38-41Ribbed Belt Pulleys for Taper Bushes, Profile PL. 42-46Ribbed Belt Pulleys for Cylindrical Bore, Profile PJ. 47Design HintsRibbed Belt Tension. 48-51Frequency Meter / Tension Tester optibelt TT . 52Frequency Meter / Tension Tester optibelt TT LINE . 53Determining the Static Shaft Loading / Shaft Loadingunder Dynamic Conditions . 54Length Tolerances – Installation and Maintenance . 55Ribbed Belt Widths . 56Problems – Causes – Remedies . 57-58Additional Rangeoptibelt TT Frequency Meter . 59optibelt LASER POINTER II . 59Optibelt Pulley Groove Gauges . 59Data Sheet for Drive Calculation/Checking. 60-616 Arntz OPTIBELT Group, Germany

Product DescriptionStandard Range optibelt RB Ribbed BeltsConstructionOptibelt ribbed belts consist of:Standard Profiles12PH31  Belt top surface: wear resistant polychloroprenerubber compound2  Tension cord: low-stretch polyester cord embeddedin an adhesive rubber compound3  Base compound: parallel V-shaped ribs of a wearresistant rubber compound 2.51.60PJCharacteristics   Combines the high flexibility of the flat belt with the highpower transmission capability of the traditional V-belts   Small pulley diameters   Large speed ratios possible   Good frictional power transmission and high powertransmission capability   Insensitive to torque impulses and short-term overloadingApplicationsProfile PHDomestic appliances, medical appliances, machine tools,small conveyors, conveyor belt, paper transport machines 3.32.34PK 4.6Profile PJSmall compressors, cement mixers, white goods, small tools3.56Profile PKFans, air conditioning, concrete saws, wood saws, industrialwashing machinesProfile PLCompressors ( 30 kW), industrial washing machinesProfile PMPaper industry, agricultural machines (silage cutter), sugarcane cutterPL 7.04.70PM 13.09.40 Arntz OPTIBELT Group, Germany7

PRoducT descRiPTionelasTic optibelt eRb Ribbed belTs / sPecial designsconstructionThe elastic ribbed belts of profiles EPH, EPJ and EPK consistof:special versionsePhtop surfaceelastictension cord 2.51.60basecompoundthe elastic ribbed belt is characterised by the highly individual options for designing and adapting it for different drivesolutions particularly for fixed distances between centres.In addition, the running properties of the ribbed belt can befurther optimised by additional refinement of the surface onthe ribbed side.advantages and characteristics Assembly is possible on fixed centres with no need foradjustment for belt tensioning Good damping performance and shock load resistancedue to high elasticity of belt Maintenance-free and no retensioning required Easy assembly in service areas Allows individual design of tension and elongationcharacteristicsdimensionsBelt lengths depend on the profile, from 250 mm to2500 mm. Ribbed belt – electrically conductive on request Ribbed belt – high voltage resistant on request PAK optimised – on requestRibbed belt PulleysExtensive standard range (see range list); special pulleys onrequest.Please contact our Applications Engineering Department forindividual drive solutions.8 Arntz OPtIBELt GrOuP, GErmAnyePJ 3.32.34ePK 4.63.56

PRoducT descRiPTionchaRacTeRisTics – aPPlicaTion aReaselasTic optibelt eRb Ribbed belTs / RolleR conveyoRRetensioning not necessary –extended service intervals –optimal damping of drive vibrationsrecently, some roller conveyor belt systems have beenequipped with elastic ribbed belts of the model optibelt ErB.those belts keep the single rolls moving and do not need anyretensioning in continuous industrial operation. thus, they arevirtually maintenance-free. For this reason, elastic ribbed beltsare now also deployed in transport technology.Optibelt ribbed belts offer many advantages for end users,too, such as manufacturing companies that use roller conveyor belts as a means of conveyance to the warehouse.thanks to the belt, the vibrations of the drive are betterabsorbed, resulting in a smoothly running, extremely lowvibration roller drive. this leads to a minimised wear of thecomponents and extends the operational life of the individualroller bearings. On the other hand, less vibration means lessnoise and thus improved working conditions.the advantages are more than obvious as elastic ribbed beltsdo not have to be run in in the first place and do not therefore need to be retensioned. optibelt ErB belts gain therequired tension due to a higher basic tension and the systematic settling characteristics of the belts. retensioning can bedispensed with as a result.Given these obvious advantages for users and manufacturers,there is only one definite goal concerning the optimisation ofmany roller conveyor belt drives: the changeover from roundprofile belts and timing belts to elastic ribbed belts made byOptibelt. Arntz OPtIBELt GrOuP, GErmAny9

PRoducT descRiPTionsPecial designs10 Arntz OPtIBELt GrOuP, GErmAny

PRoducT descRiPTionsPecial designsoPTibelT Ribbed belTs wiTh aRaMid Tensile ReinfoRceMenToPTibelT Ribbed belTs wiTh sPecial coaTingsRibbed belts with aramid Tensile Reinforcementthe extremely low-stretch aramid tension cords stand out incomparison with conventional tensile reinforcement such aspolyester. they have almost twice the breaking strength offibres of the same thickness. Despite their high strength, thefibre is flexible and has sufficient elasticity to cushion shocksand vibrations.Optibelt ribbed belts with aramid tensile reinforcement are foruse where maximum power transmission is called for, overall widths are restricted, minimum adjustment range is available for installation andtensioning and high temperature impacts are present.ribbed belts with aramid tensile reinforcement are ideal foruse in drives with heavy wear in mechanical engineering,special-purpose engineering, agricultural engineering and ingarden tools.It is not possible to go into the entire range of criteria in thismanual. Please get in touch with our applications engineersfor in-depth advice.ProfilesPK/PL with 8M or 14M surfaceoptibelt Ribbed beltswith special coatingsDue to the huge variety of coatings and finishing possibilitiesplus the properties of the ribbed belt, Optibelt has developedinnovative solutions in the field of conveying technology.Optibelt ribbed belts can be provided with an additional topsurface coating. the coating is applied in a special adhesiveprocedure.ribbed belts with a patterned top surface can be used inplace of expensive conveyor belts. they run singly or withseveral belts adjacent to each other and transport the goodsto be conveyed horizontally and at up and down gradients.Vertical conveyance is possible if the ribbed belts arearranged back to back and the media conveyed is pressedtogether between the two belts.applicationsExamples of some of the many successful uses for Optibeltribbed belts with coatings include: Conveying doors, parts of cabinets, veneer and plasticpanels for wood-working Conveying car body parts and sharp-edged sheet metalpanels in the automotive industry Conveying cartons and boxes in the packaging industryPulleysTiming belt pulleys HTD or RPP and ribbed belt pulleys profilePK and PLapplicationsThe optibelt OMEGA timing belt with additional ribbed PKbelt profile on the back cover of the belt is perfect for use inmills, e.g. food, corn, fruit and flour mills, where the backpulley has a reversible direction and slipping is necessarywhen the drive blocks.a