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Question: 124The absence of any written system for evaluation of long-term performanceexposes the individual more nearly to.A. good judgment of current managersB. evaluation on present workC. higher appraisalsD. the whim of managersAnswer: DQuestion: 125Employees, it has been observed, normally .A. outperform their self-imageB. do not outperform their self-imageC. are self-starting, for the most partD. require little supervision in the traditional nursing facility settingAnswer: BQuestion: 126An evaluator checking off the extent to which an employee meets a trait orrequirement is using a/an .A. outmoded modelB. performance scaleC. rating scaleD. global ratingAnswer: C

Question: 127Department heads who consistently give high ratings to avoid confl ictillustrate the .A. abuse of global ratingsB. leniency errorC. error of central tendencyD. halo effectAnswer: BQuestion: 128The supervisor is impressed by the fact that the employee never misseda day and was never late, so rated theemployee highly overall. This isa/an .A. abuse of global ratingsB. leniency errorC. error of central tendencyD. halo effectAnswer: DQuestion: 129Transfer, promotion, demotion, and layoff are possible outcomes of .A. poor work attitudesB. a performance appraisalC. good rating scales at workD. global ratings for some managersAnswer: BQuestion: 130Workers expecting an exchange in which their wages and benefi ts are equalto their work effort when compared tosimilarly situated employees illustratethe .A. resiliency of worker expectationB. fair exchange theoryC. compensation theoryD. equity theory

Answer: DQuestion: 131Giving an across-the-board wage increase based on the Consumer PriceIndex is giving a/an .A. well-deserved raise to the staffB. boost in staff pay levelsC. cost of living increaseD. indexed wage increaseAnswer: CQuestion: 132In the nursing facility, the key job against which many staff measure theirwages is compensation of the .A. administratorB. medical directorC. ownerD. director of nursingAnswer: DQuestion: 133Unless the facility can convincingly illustrate that it had a ôjust causeö forfi ring an employee, that employee willlikely .A. be rehiredB. remain on the facility payrollC. collect unemploymentD. complain to the stateAnswer: CQuestion: 134Grievance procedures offer a needed .A. source of disciplineB. safety valve

C. protection to the managementD. reciprocity relationshipAnswer: B

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