CONTENTSiiAdelaide Medical School1Bachelor of Medical Studies and Doctor of Medicine2Are You a Domestic or International Applicant?3International entry overview4Application process4Step 1. Prerequisite subjects4Step 2. Academic score4Step 3. English language requirements4Step 4. UCAT ANZ registration5Step 5. Online application5Step 6. Sit the UCAT ANZ5Step 7. Interview eligibility outcome5Step 8. Interview5Step 9. Offers6International key dates8International contacts8Alternative study92022 Bachelor of Medical Studies / Doctor of Medicine Admissions Guide

BACHELOR OF MEDICAL STUDIESAND DOCTOR OF MEDICINEThe high-level medical knowledge and clinical skills you need;the advanced research and future-savvy capabilities industrydemands. Your path to becoming a practising doctor, andfuture health-care leader, starts here—in South Australia’smost complete and globally recognised health educationenvironment.NEW FOR 2022Graduate at the masters level, with theworld at your feetKey features of the Adelaide medicalprogramIn 2022, the University of Adelaide willwelcome its first cohort into Year 1 ofthe new Bachelor of Medical Studiesand Doctor of Medicine (also known asthe Adelaide medical program). The twonew sequential degrees will replace theexisting Bachelor Medicine and Bachelorof Surgery (MBBS) and lift our alreadyworld-top-100-ranked medicine trainingeven higher. You’ll graduate with anAustralian Qualifications Framework(AQF) level 7 qualification and a masterslevel AQF 9. six year medical degreeIn the Adelaide medical program you will: students will have the opportunity tocomplete a year-long course in the ruralsetting in Year 5 learn in partnership with clinicians andhealth professional educators wherebyeducators become coaches learn in state-of-the-art facilities,Adelaide Health Simulation, includingthe new immersion lab which utilises360 technology to progress to the Doctor of Medicine,you will need to successfully complete theBachelor of Medical Studies the degree focuses on learning inthe following domains: science andscholarship, clinical practice, healthand society, and professionalism andleadership emphasis is on developing and applyingresearch skills. You will undertake aresearch project in Year 6 of the program. clinical placements will occur in a varietyof settings simulation of clinical scenarios will play akey part of student learning learn from curriculum based on realworld scenarios and global perspectives you will be required to attend lectures,workshops, tutorials, practical sessionsand placements be work-ready by the end of the six-yeardegree, with all competencies required bythe Australian Medical Council (AMC)completed you will learn alongside students fromother disciplines, such as nursing,in specific interprofessional learningactivities. develop research skills with all studentsundertaking a substantial researchproject.Emerge ready to formulate,communicate and deliver medicalcareUpon graduation you’ll have thequalifications, confidence and capabilityto enhance health and wellbeing asa doctor anywhere in Australia, andthroughout most of the world.Inherent requirementsThe medical degree places substantialdemands on students. The learning styleand assessment techniques are likely to bedifferent from those experienced elsewhere.Clinical placements require significanttime commitments of students, which mayinclude time periods normally regarded asafter-hours. Students will need physical andmental stamina, as well as flexibility withhours of attendance. For more details, e-surgery/inherent-requirementsIncidental feesThere will be additional costs, over andabove tuition fees for all Bachelor ofMedical Studies and Doctor of Medicinestudents, this includes (but is not limitedto) textbooks, equipment, requiredimmunisations, clearance renewals, first aidcertificates, student amenities fees etc.For further information 2 Bachelor of Medical Studies / Doctor of Medicine Admissions Guide1

BACHELOR OF MEDICALSTUDIES / DOCTOR OFMEDICINESATAC CODE:354552DURATION:6 years full-timeLOCATION:North Terrace campusMID-YEAR ENTRY:NoDEFERRAL:Yes—up to two yearsPlaces available in 2022There are 36 International Fee Paying placesfor 2022.Please note that strict quotas apply to theAdelaide medical program.Medicine clinical placementrequirementsClinical Placements are compulsory andstudents undertaking clinical placementsin medicine must satisfy a number ofrequirements. You will learn more about therequirements for Clinical Placement duringOrientation.For more details, -support/clinical-placementsRural placementsEnrolment in the University of Adelaide’sBachelor of Medical Studies and Doctor ofMedicine requires students to undertakerural clinical placements. Commonwealthsupported students (in both bonded andnon-bonded places) need to complete fourweeks of rural placements before graduation,with 25% of students required to completeone year of clinical training in a rural site.If these places are not filled by studentsvoluntarily, all students in Commonwealthsupported places will be included in arandom ballot to be allocated to one of theseyear-long rural placements.2Graduate registrationAfter successful completion of the Adelaidemedical program, graduates are eligible toregister with the Medical Board of Australia.In order to register, applicants must be ableto demonstrate English language skills atIELTS academic level 7 or the equivalent.International applicants should note thatsuccessful completion of this degree maynot qualify them to practise/register intheir home country. Applicants will haveto contact the relevant health registrationbodies of their home country for furtherinformation.Career opportunitiesAfter graduation, and before being admittedto full registration as a medical practitionerin Australia, graduates must serve at least 12months as an intern in an approved hospital.After successfully completing the internshipand obtaining full registration to practise,students will need to make a career decisionabout entering a training program offeredby a professional college. A wide range ofopportunities are available, and students maychoose to pursue a career in areas such asgeneral practice, surgery, medicine or publichealth. They may choose to work in a ruralarea of Australia, or, as a university clinicalacademic, they may choose to combineclinical practice with research and education.2022 Bachelor of Medical Studies / Doctor of Medicine Admissions GuideMedicine graduates from the Universityof Adelaide are now working in a diverserange of fields or have begun additionalstudy in specialisations such as psychiatry,ophthalmology or paediatrics. Potentialcareer paths will become apparent asstudents progress through the degree.

ARE YOU A DOMESTIC ORINTERNATIONAL APPLICANT?ARE YOU:AnAustralianCitizen?IMMIGRATION STATUSChange in immigration status during the application processYES If you are an international student and your immigration statuschanges prior to 30 September and you have NOT lodged a paralleldomestic application and/or you do not meet the additional entryrequirements for domestic applicants, you cannot be considered fora domestic offer and can no longer be considered for an internationaloffer. You will need to re-apply for domestic entry the following year, inaccordance with the entry policy of that year.NOAnAustralianPermanentResident? If you are an international applicant to the Adelaide medical programand your residency status changes during the application process ( obtain permanent residency or some other immigration status thatentitles you to the educational benefits of permanent residency), youwill no longer be eligible for an international student place.YES If you are an international student and your immigration statuschanges after 30 September and prior to the release of internationaloffers, you will no longer be considered for the international cohort.You will need to re-apply for domestic entry the following year, inaccordance with the entry policy of that year.Change in immigration status prior to release of offersNOANew ZealandCitizen? Offers for international places in the Adelaide medical program cannotbe made to applicants who are Australian/New Zealand citizens orAustralian Permanent Residents.YES If you obtain permanent residency (or some other immigration statusthat entitles you to the educational benefits of permanent residency)after 30 September and prior to the release of international offers,you will not be eligible for an international offer and you will need tore-apply for domestic entry the following year, in accordance with theentry policy of that year.Change in immigration status after accepting an offer Due to strict domestic and international quotas for commencingstudents, if you obtain permanent residency (or some otherimmigration status that entitles you to the educational benefits ofpermanent residency) after you accept your offer and before youcomplete your first year of study in the Adelaide medical program,you will not be able to remain in the degree.NOAPermanentHumanitarianVisa holder?Change in immigration status during studiesYESNOYou are aninternationalapplicantContinue to next pageYou are adomestic applicant If you are an international student and you obtain permanent residency(or another applicable immigration status that entitles you to theeducational benefits of permanent residency) after you completeyour first year of study, you will only be able to remain in the Adelaidemedical program if there is a domestic place available at that time.With strict quotas across the breadth of the Adelaide medical program,availabilities of domestic places at any given time cannot be guaranteed.These are at the discretion of the Executive Dean and subject toavailability. If a domestic place is available, you must pay tuition fees for theremainder of your studies in the degree (i.e. you cannot be transferredto a Commonwealth supported place). If a domestic place is notavailable, you will not be able to remain in the Adelaide medicalprogram.Download theDomestic AdmissionsGuide2022 Bachelor of Medical Studies / Doctor of Medicine Admissions Guide3

INTERNATIONAL ENTRYOVERVIEWApplication processStep 1PrerequisiteSubjectsStep 2Academic ScoreStep 3Step 4English LanguageRequirementsUCAT ANZRegistrationStep 5Step 6Online ApplicationSit the UCAT ANZStep 7Interview EligibilityOutcomeStep 8Step 9InterviewOffersStep 1. Prerequisite subjectsYou must have successfully completed the prerequisite subjects.One subject chosen from: Chemistry Mathematics BiologyStep 2. Academic scoreStudents who don’t meet the academic requirements or who have other qualifications from the South Pacific Islands, Japan, Korea, Phillipinesor Taiwan may be eligible to apply for a Pre-University Pathway to prepare for or gain entry into the University’s undergraduate academicprograms. For additional information visit: ply/admission-requirementsInternational ATAR90ISBE [India]95%University of Adelaide Grade Point Average5SAT [US]1410International Baccalaureate (IB)33Abitur2.3Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE)22Thailand Certificate of Secondary Education3.5United Entrance Certificate (UEC) [Malaysia]5Bang Tot Nghiep Trung Hoc Pho Thong9.0General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level12STPM or Matrikulasi3.3385The University of Adelaide College Foundation Program83Eynesbury Foundation Program412Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)ISC & CBSE [India]90%Step 3. English Language RequirementsThe IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Academic Test is the preferred English language proficiency qualification,but the University may accept other evidence of proficiency in English in individual cases. All submitted test results must be from the onesitting.IELTS (ACADEMIC)MINIMUM SCORESTOEFL MINIMUM SCORESPEARSON TEST OFENGLISH (ACADEMIC)MINIMUM SCORESCAMBRIDGE ENGLISH:ADVANCED (CAE)MINIMUM SCORESOverall band score of 7.0Paper-based: total score of 600 witha minimum of 5.0 in the Test ofWritten English (TWE)Overall score of 65Overall score 185ANDANDSkills profile of 65 in writing,speaking, reading and listeningIndividual score of 185 in writing,speaking, reading and listeningANDBand score of 7.0 in all bandsORInternet-based: total score of 94with a minimum of 27 in writing, 23in speaking and 24 in reading andlistening42022 Bachelor of Medical Studies / Doctor of Medicine Admissions Guide

International students undertaking an Australian Year 12 program will meet the English language proficiency requirements with a passinggrade or above in a recognised English as a Second Language or an English Language subject, as a part of the successful completion of theirYear 12 qualification.Step 4 - UCAT ANZ registrationAll applicants, are required to register and sit for the UCAT ANZ.The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is an admissions test used by the UCAT ANZ Consortium of universities in Australia andNew Zealand for their medical, dental and clinical science degree programmes. The UCAT ANZ is a test used widely to help universitiesselect applicants with the most appropriate mental abilities, attitudes, and professional behaviours required for new doctors to be successful intheir clinical careers. Details regarding the test and how to register are available on the UCAT ANZ website University of Adelaide does not endorse any commercially available UCAT ANZ preparation courses. You are encouraged to access thepractice materials available on the UCAT ANZ website 5. Online ap