CHURCHMANUAL19TH EDITIONREVISED 2015UPDATED 2016Published by the SecretariatGeneral Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

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Table of ContentsWhy a Church Manual?. 15Authority and Function of the Church Manual . 16Making Changes . 17Where to Get Advice . 18Terms Used in the Church Manual . 18Church of the Living God . 20No Wall of Partition. 20Supreme Object of Christ’s Regard . 21Complete in Christ . 22Organization and Authority . 24Biblical Basis for Organization . 24Importance of Organization . 25Purposes of Organization . 25The New Testament Model. 26Church Organization Today. 26Outline of Denominational Organization . 27Role of Institutions . 28Authority in the Early Church . 29General Conference the Highest Authority . 29Pastors and Other Church Employees . 31A Divinely Appointed Ministry . 31Conference President . 31Conference Departmental Directors . 31Ordained Pastors . 32Licensed Pastors . 33Bible Instructors . 33Conference Directs Church Employees . 33Credentials and Licenses . 34Expired Credentials and Licenses . 34Retired Employees . 35Former Pastors Without Credentials . 35Organizing, Uniting, and Dissolving Churches and Companies . 36Organizing a Church . 36Organizing a Company . 37Uniting Churches . 39Dissolving or Expelling Churches . 39Care of Members, Records, and Funds . 41Membership . 435

66CHURCH MANUALBaptism . 43Mode of Baptism . 44Thorough Instruction and Public Examination Before Baptism . 44Baptismal Vow and Commitment . 45Baptismal Vow . 45Baptismal Covenant . 47Voting Acceptance Subject to Baptism . 48Receiving Members Who Are Not Known . 48Baptismal Preparations . 48Rebaptism . 49Individuals From Other Christian Communions . 49Apostasy and Rebaptism . 49Inappropriate Rebaptism . 50Profession of Faith . 50Transferring Members . 51Method of Granting Letters of Transfer . 51Clerk to Prepare Letter. 52Letter Valid Six Months . 52Alternative Method for Membership Transfer . 52Membership During Transfer . 52Receiving Members Under Difficult Conditions . 53Counted in Statistical Reports . 53If Member Is Not Accepted . 53Letters Granted Only to Those in Regular Standing . 53No Letter Without Member’s Approval . 53Church Board Cannot Grant Letters . 54Membership in the Conference Church . 54Membership Record . 55Discipline . 56General Principles . 56Dealing With Erring Members . 56God’s Plan . 56Authority of the Church . 58Church’s Responsibility . 58Unconsecrated Resist Discipline . 58Safeguarding Unity of the Church . 59Reconciliation of Differences . 59Settlement of Grievances of Members Against the Church . 61Settlement of Grievances of the Church Against Members . 61Reasons for Discipline . 62Process of Discipline . 63

TABLE OF CONTENTS7Discipline by Censure . 63Discipline by Removal From Membership . 63No Additional Tests of Fellowship . 64Timeliness of Discipline . 64Caution About Judging Character and Motive . 64At a Properly Called Meeting . 64By Majority Vote . 65Church Board Cannot Remove Members . 65Fundamental Rights of the Members . 65Lawyers Not to Represent Members . 65Transferring Members Under Censure. 65Members Not to Be Removed for Nonattendance . 66Members Moving Away and Not Reporting . 66Members Not to Be Removed for Pecuniary Reasons. 66Removing Members at Their Request . 66Notification to Those Removed From Membership . 66Reinstating Those Previously Removed From Membership . 67Right of Appeal for Reinstatement . 67Local Church Officers and Organizations . 69General Qualifications . 69Moral and Religious Fitness . 69Feeding and Guarding the Church . 70Respecting Pastors and Officers . 70Not Hurried Into Office . 71Those Opposing Unity Not Suitable for Office . 71Unsafe to Choose Those Refusing to Cooperate. 71Local Membership . 71Setting Tithing Example. 72Not Delegates Ex Officio . 72Distributing Responsibility . 72Removal and Readmission . 72Term of Office . 72Elders . 73Religious Leaders of the Church . 73Ordination of Elders . 73Relationship to the Pastor . 73Work of Elders Is Local . 74Conducting Church Services . 74Baptismal Service . 75Marriage Ceremony . 75

88CHURCH MANUALTo Foster Tithing . 75To Foster Bible Study, Prayer, and a Relationship With Jesus . 75To Foster All Lines of Work. 75To Cooperate With the Conference . 76To Foster Worldwide Work . 76Training and Equipping of Elders . 76Free to Work Effectively . 76First Elder . 76Limitation of Authority . 77Church Leaders . 77Deacons . 77Board of Deacons . 78Deacons Must Be Ordained . 78Deacons Not Authorized to Preside . 79Duties of Deacons. 79Deaconesses . 80Board of Deaconesses . 80Ordination Service for Deaconesses. 80Deaconesses Not Authorized to Preside . 80Duties of Deaconesses . 81Clerk . 81No Names Added or Removed Without Vote. 81Transferring Members . 82Corresponding With Members . 82Notice of Delegates for Conference Sessions . 82Reports to Be Furnished Promptly . 82Church Records . 82Treasurer . 82Treasurer the Custodian of All Funds . 83Conference Funds .